Harper Asset Management was founded in 2001 to offer clients a fundamental, long-term oriented approach to investing. In an industry noted for time horizons measured in days or weeks, our patient, long-term approach is the exception rather than the rule.

We seek to identify and invest in securities which are mis-priced by the market. We emphasize the investment merits of each individual security, are macro-agnostic, and focus most of our efforts on less traveled areas of the market. Our investment philosophy is grounded in the margin of safety approach as originally conceived by Ben Graham. Equity purchases typically contain the following characteristics:

  • A low price relative to fundamental measures of value and our estimated long-term “intrinsic value”
  • Reasonable downside protection via a conservative capital structure
  • Measurable and predictable long-term earnings power

We recognize that there are different factors or inputs which influence long-term returns, including return on invested capital, franchise or competitive advantage, size, and others. Over time we have developed a strong preference for high-quality businesses, and prefer to allocate significant capital when we find the rare mis-pricing.

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*Harper Asset Management, LLC is a Colorado-based registered investment advisor, registered in Colorado, Georgia, and Florida.