About Us

Harper Asset Management was founded in 2001 to offer clients a fundamental, long-term oriented approach to investing. In an industry noted for its myopia, our patient and time-tested approach is the exception rather than the rule.

We seek to invest in securities which are selling for prices well below our appraisal of intrinsic value. We emphasize the investment merits of each individual security and avoid engaging in macroeconomic forecasting. Our inve...

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Our Philosophy

Markets are chaotic and influenced by emotion, particularly during times of financial turmoil when steady decision making is most critical. We maintain a consistent, disciplined and time-tested approach to investing which is relevant in all markets.

The central feature of our philosophy is the margin-of-safety principle. We invest in equity securities which possess both value and low financial risk. Combining both characteristics offers the best protect...

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Our Process

We build client portfolios on a custom basis. The initial top-down step involves developing the appropriate asset mix given a client's risk aversion, age, income needs, and other factors.

Portfolios are constructed one security at a time, on the basis of each investment's risk and value. We identify prospective investments by utilizing various fundamental screens, browsing “new lows” lists, as well as through events which might cause securities to become...

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